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Face to Face Ferretti

The Conference held at the registered office is entitled "The Role of the Manager - legal and legal aspects related to current legislation". The company organizes the conference in the presence of lawyers, insurers, H&S Manager to train/inform our supervisors about the role held.

Well begun, is half done

The period of winter stops opened with the refractory maintenance of an important waste-to-energy plant.The activity, which will be carried out at high altitude and in confined spaces, has also required the design and construction of particular scaffolding .. A job for the few, a job for specialists!

Ferretti's 115th anniversary celebrations

Let's summarize in some pictures Ferretti's 115-year celebrations. A special thanks to all those who, over the years, with their work have allowed us to reach this important milestone. We are ready for new challenges!


The press speaks of our 115 years of activity...

115 years of Ferretti - The celebrations

The celebrations for Ferretti's 115 years are under way. Here is a small preview of the day with the awarding of the 'veterans' of the Ferretti team.

Habits not to break

Why make a meeting between supervisors and managers every Friday? Because for Ferretti the discussion is the basis for improving, for reflecting and giving useful insights on central issues like safety and efficiency ... An habit not to brake!

Seniority medals 2018

As tradition dating back to the 70s, for the celebrations of Ferretti's 115th anniversary, employees who have completed 15, 20 and 25 years of seniority in the company will be awarded respectively with the Bronze, Silver and Gold medal. A recognition for the commitment and loyalty shown. Thank you!

Black Friday at Ferretti!

Are you planning to do some work? Take advantage of Ferretti's Black Friday. Find out how, by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

115 years of Ferretti

The countdown begins: less than 2 weeks for Ferretti's 115th anniversary event! Everything is ready to celebrate in style. In the meantime we introduce the new logo created ad hoc for the occasion, and we invite you to take a look at the restyling of our pages on social media:

2 new excavators for the Ferretti fleet!

Ferretti continues its purchases, adding 2 new excavators to its fleet. For our customers always the best, more and more!

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