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Happy Easter!

Ferretti wishes you an happy Easter

Ferretti at Tenaris's DPM meeting

On the occasion of the "Global Trainee - Development Program of Maintenance", our President Alessandro Ferretti presented Ferretti success and development history to new managers from the Tenaris world.


Civil Works in Dalmine...

Have you guessed what is portrayed in this drawing by the famous architect Giuseppe Greppi? It is the parish house of Dalmine, built by Ferretti and designed by Greppi in the thirties. 

Trafilerie Bergamasche: an Industrial Construction by Ferretti

A wire drawing factory is a mill where the processing of metallic materials is normally carried out by cold finishing. Well, did you know that Ferretti, exactly 40 years ago, built the factory of the Trafilerie Bergamasche? Not really a piece of cake for non-experts... But at the time Ferretti already boasted over 65 years of activity!


When removing toxic materials such as asbestos, you must rely on specialists. Ferretti also operates in the land reclamation sector offering a 360 ° service that also includes the disposal of waste materials according to the law in authorized landfills.

World Water Day

Ferretti promotes this day dedicated to drawing attention to the critical issue of water in our era, with a focus on access to fresh water and the sustainability of aquatic habitats. Did you know that a billion people do not have access to clean water?

Maintenance works

The maintenance sector has always been decisive in the activities carried out by Ferretti. Our company's 116-year experience allows us to meet our high standards of quality and safety.

International Women's day

Partners, friends, sisters, colleagues, mothers ... Ferretti wishes all the women a wonderful day!

An important civil work...

Did you know that Ferretti built the parish church of San Giuseppe in Dalmine? The work is one of the many infrastructures that our company has built in the Bergamo area.

Past and Future

Those who forget their past, do not face the future in the right way: here is a shot of a convivial meeting with the company technicians in Brescia in 1924. The employees and site managers are portrayed here with the owner Giuseppe Ferretti and his son Alessandro.

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