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Mechanical maintenance: Ferretti Here!

Did you know that Ferretti works with competence also in the field of mechanical maintenance? Constant control of production machinery and consequent repair in case of problems are areas in which the company shows experience and peculiarities of intervention.

Ferretti in numbers

The company has own resources for specific commissioned activities: here is the fleet of earth-moving machinery!

1920 power plant

The picture below depicts a power plant built by Ferretti in the 1920s: these are important reinforced concrete works at the service of the steel industry which once again testify the professionalism and construction technique of our company.

Ferretti USA

The activities of preparing works commissioned by american companies to Ferretti in the field of industrial construction and maintenance in USA are going on! We never stop!

Good Practice Lombardia Award for Social Responsibility 2017"

Today Ferretti received the "Good Practice Lombardia Award for Social Responsibility 2017" by Regione Lombardia. "A great result that fills us with pride and stimulates us," says Alessandro Ferretti, the company's only director. Out of 105 selected Lombard companies, including 5 based in Bergamo, Ferretti Srl is the only construction company to get the prize.

Black Friday 2017

Today at Ferretti is #BlackFriday as well! Find out more: write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

Regenerative Burners

Ferretti acquires an order for mechanical maintenance and electronic calibration of regenerative burners.

+ control 
- consumption of fossil fuels
- NOx in the environment

7th november

This year as a tradition, on November 7 (the birthday of Giuseppe Ferretti -1867 - founder of Ferretti) was held the Holy Mass to remind the owners, colleagues and friends disappeared. The participation of many employees and former employees of the company ended with a convivial event

Ferretti Glossary: RECLAMATION

Reclamation – noun - /ˌrek.ləˈmeɪ.ʃən/ The attempt to make landsuitable for building or farming.

Ferretti at Safety A+A in Dusseldorf

Always at the forefront of security, Ferretti's managers went to the most important European thematic event, Safety A + A in Dusseldorf. Safety First!

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