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Regenerative Burners

Ferretti acquires an order for mechanical maintenance and electronic calibration of regenerative burners.

+ control 
- consumption of fossil fuels
- NOx in the environment

7th november

This year as a tradition, on November 7 (the birthday of Giuseppe Ferretti -1867 - founder of Ferretti) was held the Holy Mass to remind the owners, colleagues and friends disappeared. The participation of many employees and former employees of the company ended with a convivial event

Ferretti Glossary: RECLAMATION

Reclamation – noun - /ˌrek.ləˈmeɪ.ʃən/ The attempt to make landsuitable for building or farming.

Ferretti at Safety A+A in Dusseldorf

Always at the forefront of security, Ferretti's managers went to the most important European thematic event, Safety A + A in Dusseldorf. Safety First!

Ferretti Glossary: INSULATION

Insulation - noun  in·su·la·tion  \ ˌin(t)-sə-ˈlā-shən \ - to separate from conducting bodies by means of nonconductors so as to prevent transfer of electricity, heat, or sound.

Forno D'Allione: Our history

It is significant to recall the work carried out by Ferretti during the "Brescia" period in 1919, as part of the production plant of Forno d'Allione Electric Steelworks: the construction is impressive for the era by the perspective of the greatness of works and innovation.


PFT technology "Preassembled Foundation Technology" is the winning solution in short-time production. Here is an example of a tunnel made by Ferretti in August

Environmental Reclamation Licences

Did you know that our staff has the licenses issued by Regione Lombardia enabling environmental reclamation service, as well as being subjected to recurring medical examinations that testify physical fitness to perform the recovery tasks?

Revamping works of casting pit

Revamping works of the EAF casting pit in a primary steel company have been successfully completed, as well as minor works.
The activities involved our engineers and workmen h24.

Harvey Hurricane

The thought of Ferretti USA Inc. goes to all Texan customers, colleagues and citizens who are still facing the devastation of Harvey hurricane. We are with you! #FerrettiUSA

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